Works by Barbara Heller
Katharina Deserno, Cello
Susanne Stoodt, Violin
Gesa Lücker, Piano
Verdi Quartett

Born in Ludwigshafen in 1936, the composer Barbara Heller is addicted to sounds. The search for sounds – lost, buried, undiscovered, or previously unnoticed – shapes her life. She has no choice: “Composing for me means finding my own filter for the permanent flood of sounds, both within and without. Listening, imagining, and discovering music is like building a bridge between the material and the immaterial worlds.”

This CD presents a small portrait of the sounds Barbara Heller has found for string instruments. It opens with her third string quartet, “Patchwork”, from 2008. Playfully flowing figures, often in pizzicato, alternate with static layers of sound. Conceived by Heller as a study in tritones, the pitch material consists throughout of whole-tone relationships.

Patchwork 3. Streichquartett (2008)
La Caleta 2. Streichquartett (2008)
Streichquartett 1958 (1958)
Eins für Zwei Duo für Violine und Violoncello (1985)
Herbstmusik Duo für Violoncello und Klavier (2012)
Arriba! Trio für Violine, Violoncello und Klavier (2014)
Zwiegespräche Duos für Violine und Violoncello (2014)
Minutentrios für Violine, Violoncello und Klavier (2008)
Lalai – Schlaflied zum Wachwerden? für Violoncello und Klavier (1989)

Release 2016, WERGO
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